How to Track your Ride as a Passenger

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After you have been able to confirm your requested ride and a Driver has accepted, you would then see the Driver’s name, ETA (Estimated time of arrival), rating, profile image and the image of the vehicle.

You are also able to track the destination of the Cabby Driver through your Android or iOS mobile phones. The Cellphone of the Driver is used to track the Cabby Driver’s Vehicle Location making it possible for the Drivers Location to be displayed on your mobile screen. This enables you to see the route which the Driver is using to get to you.

If you need to deliver any important information to the driver whilst the Driver is en route to you, you can simply send a text message or call them by clicking on “Call Driver” or “Chat with Driver”.

For security purpose and for the comfort of the passengers, you can “Share Ride Link” with friends in order for your friends to see your location until you reach your ride destination.

You would get a notification on your mobile phone immediately your driver arrives and you are ready to ride with Cabby.

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