How to fix common GPS issues on Android

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Solution 1Toggle Your Location Setting

Turn off your location service for some time (30secs) then turn it on and allow it to search for the location again.


Solution 2: Toggle Airplane Mode

Switch it On and wait for 15-20 seconds before switching it Off again.


Solution 3: Remove the Phone Case

Your phone’s case can cause an obstruction for the GPS so please ensure that you remove it.


Solution 4: Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode disables some important functions like Wi-Fi and GPS. It may be very helpful when you are trying to save battery but if you are trying to use your GPS, you must disable Power Saving mode.

Solution 5: Restart Your Android Device

Restart your Android device and try using the GPS again. You may find that the GPS problem would have fixed itself with a simple restart.


Solution 6: Tweak the GPS Settings

To check the GPS settings of your phone follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings menu of your device
  • Scroll to check for Location and tap on it
  • Under Location, tap on Mode

You must choose the option “Device only” or “GPS only” because other two options will limit the manner in which your GPS checks the location.

Solution 7: Update Google Maps

  • Tap on the Play Store
  • Tap on the three dots that will show a drop-down menu and choose My Apps and Games.
  • Scroll through the list of your apps and look for Maps
  • Tap Update

Solution 8: Clear Cache and Data for Maps

  • Go to the Settings menu of your phone or tablet
  • Scroll down to find Application Manager and tap on it
  • Under the Downloaded Apps tab, look for Maps and tap on it
  • Now tap on Clear Cache and confirm it on the pop-up box.
  • Once the cache files are cleared, tap on Clear Data.

Solution 9: Use GPS Status and Toolbox App

Download and install the GPS Status and Toolbox App from Google Play. It is a free app. Once the app is installed, check your GPS performance using the app and make necessary changes to make your GPS perform better. Check if the GPS of your device works better after using this app.

Solution 10: Reboot to Safe mode

  • Press and hold the Power key of your device till the Power Options screen comes up on your device.
  • Now press and hold the Power Off option on the screen till you notice a pop up which asks if you want to Reboot your device in Safe Mode
  • Press Ok and the device will be rebooted in Safe mode.

Solution 11: Update your Device Firmware

To check for update, go to the Settings menu of your device and tap on About Device. Now tap on Check updates and if an update is available then install the update and check if your GPS problems get resolved after the device is updated.


Solution 12: Wipe Cache Partition

  • Switch off your phone
  • Press the Volume Up, Power and Home button together till the phone vibrates before it powers on.
  • Release the Power key and continue to hold the Volume Up and Home button till you see the Recovery menu.
  • Now use the Volume Down key to highlight Wipe cache partition from the menu and use the Power key to confirm your selection.
  • Once the cache partition is deleted, use the volume key to highlight the restart option and confirm the restart with the Power key.

Once your device restarts, check the GPS again to see if the problem is fixed.

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